5 No-Heat Styling Hair Looks

Every woman loves a trip to the hair salon now and then. How much heat-damage can our hair endure? Here you can find five different ways of styling your hair without worrying about heat damage.
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Natural hair differentiates from human to human. Learning to accept our features the way nature has blessed us will be a psychological boost and increase the strength of our hair and make it appear a lot healthier and prettier. The less you use heat on your hair, the less you will eventually even need it. Heat damage can lead to dryness, breakage, and split ends, which will definitely not look pleasing. That doesn’t mean that you’re never allowed to use heating tools ever again, but maybe consider the advantages that non-heat styling can provide to your hair. 

French Braid

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A beautiful way to style your hair without it looking scruffy is to braid it into one or multiple french braids. The look will provide a fresh note to your appearance while also will protect your hair from breakage. You can even sleep on braids to make your hair look wavy the next day.

Ribbon or Scrunchie Ponytail

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What better way to upgrade your casual ponytail than adding an accessory like a ribbon or a scrunchie? There are multiple ways to style those accessories, but even if your skills are not that wide, a simple ponytail will look excessive with a nice little touch like those. 

Hat or Head Scarf

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Except for the fact that hats and hair scarves are a total fashion statement, they can be a smart way to minimize any unwanted volume or frizz your natural hair may have. There are plenty of styles for you to choose from regarding your preferred mode of dressing, and it can be an excellent alternative for your hair to rest from the heat. 

Hair clips or claws

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Want to achieve the ultimate model-off-duty hairstyle? Then it would help if you used a hair claw. There must be a reason why this way of styling is so widely loved by models and not only. The reason is that it’s easy, efficient and very chic. If you want to add more elements to your hair, you could always use hair clips. 

Messy Bun

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Last but not least, what easiest yet cute way to quickly make your hair look good? Put it in a messy bun. Just remember that the less effort you put, the better your hair will look. This style of natural hair is going to protect your hair while at the same time, make you look effortless and attractive. 
So there you have it, hairstyling can make your appearance elevate, even when no heating tools are being used. Protecting your hair by using these tips and styles will save your hair and your time efforts. 

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