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MBFWI day 5 summary

With the last day of the fashion week marathon, we have completed a week full of surprises.
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The last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul was completed with a fast-paced program hosted by Asena Sarıbatur.

Ceren Ocak

Ceren Ocak takes her inspiration from street fashion for the 2021 Spring-Summer season. Among the prominent details in the collection prepared for stylish and far from ordinary women, voluminous sleeves, low waist trousers and designs with corset details stand out. The collection consists of 20 looks in total. The collection takes its color palette from black, white, gentleman and light blue. Another remarkable detail is the bikini and swimwear designs in the collection.

Kith & Kin

Asymmetrical looks stand out in the collection where colors are used extensively. Fun and bold silhouettes emphasize the joy of the collection. Skirts and jackets, in which tweed fabric is preferred, take us on a small time travel with chiffon shirts and satin skirts that emphasize the theme of the other period.

Miin By Kadir Kilic

Kadir Kılıç's new collection, entitled "EVERYTHING IS SILENT IN A SINGLE MOMENT", was introduced at Galataport. Kalben prepared a surprise song for this new collection. Issues such as consumer habits and the concept of fashion are questioned in the collection, which is designed with the perspective of "Zero Art Movement". The collection takes its color palette from black, red, gray and milky brown. Asymmetrical and leather details increase the rhythm of the collection.

Museum Of Fine Clothing

Eda Güngör gets her inspiration for her new collection in July, the same month she was born. According to Güngör, the month of July represents the colors of the fruits. The color palette of the collection is also made up of free and vibrant colors. Romantic evening dresses stand out in the collection. In the Pret-a-Couture collection, many details from sun-yellow to teal fabrics are combined with hand-embroidered beads.

Hakaan Yildirim

Voluminous forms stand out in the collection, which takes its color palette from black, pink and off-white. Dense ruffles on the skirts and drape details on the sleeves strengthen the looks. High heels worn inside sneakers refer to the feminine-masculine contrast.

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