Katerina Rutman — A New Style Icon

An Incredibly talented designer Katerina Rutman talks about her unique brand, her love for Portugal and the new aesthetic discoveries.
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This woman is incredibly sensual, effortlessly elegant, and divinely beautiful. Katerina Rutman is a literal embodiment of femininity and aesthetics combined with an excellent education, aristocracy, and intelligence. Her passion for travel and art perfectly underlines her dynamic character and magnetic attraction.

The new collection of this successful designer represents the main ingredients of a unique brand code. It also takes us to amazing Portugal with its history, architecture and decorative elements. "I have visited Portugal earlier this year and felt in love with it's vibes, culture and people. The streets of the old part of Lisbon, museums of ancient art and modern art galleries, mysterious Moorish quarters and workshops - all of its artistic values influenced colors and forms of the Fall-Winter 2021 collection." [sic.] says Katerina Rutman. Impressed by her trip and aesthetic discoveries, Katerina masterfully showed these motifs in her new clothing line. The stormy energy of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees' graceful beauty can be felt in the silhouettes of dresses, suits, and tops. It is manifested in the smallest details, created according to all the canons of demi-couture.


Floral print in clothes is one of the prominent trends that does not lose its relevance. This design never goes out of fashion, and flowers evoke a lot of positive emotions. The inspiration for the floral motifs and aristocratic mood in the design was the family residence of the Marquis de Fronteira's family Palácio Fronteira. Katerina visited this famous house during her trip to Lisbon. The geometry in the cut and soft flowing lines are delightfully combined in cocktail and evening dresses, tops with puff sleeves, and loose-fitting blouses. It easily conveys the unique atmosphere of Lisbon. The color scheme of the clothes is made up of bright sangria, dramatic black and white. The materials for it are wool jacquard with organza, taffeta, eco-leather, silk and wool. Delicate pearl beads gracefully complement the decor and add a finishing touch of enchanting perfection to the look.


Katerina Rutman is more than a design that attracts at first sight. Katerina Rutman is a style that is impossible not to fall in love with. Katerina Rutman is an incredibly talented designer that we want to admire over and over again.



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