The Color of the Year 2021: A.I. Aqua

A special kind of aquamarine - the color A.I. Aqua accompanies us through a year of digital change
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Picture left: Balenciaga

In the past year, our lives have not only increasingly taken place at home; they are also shifting more and more into the digital world. We date online, work online, and even wine tastings and other leisure activities took place online for the first time. After closing a year with the highest Internet usage ever, we are entering a New Year that promises more technological advances than ever before. 

Trend researchers present the color of 2021, reflecting these changes in all their hues: A.I. Aqua. An aquamarine-blue tone, which embodies a blend of Augmented Reality (A.R.) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). For a long time, those technologies seemed out of reach for us, but today they seem much closer and more real than expected. 

Augmented reality describes an extended reality, which is understood as an interaction between the digital and the real world. For example, this can happen via the smartphone camera by incorporating a virtual image, such as an animal, into the environment that can be seen through the camera. Artificial intelligence describes computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, visual perception, or decision-making by the chat-bots that assist us in various online stores.

Such technologies accelerate the digital world and increase its efficiency enormously, leaving us even more connected. According to WGSN, "Blue, according to a study, is said to be the most used color on the largest websites." A.I. Aqua thus brings a digital feature and great potential to the digital world.

A.I. Aqua is an incredibly versatile aquamarine shade that can look both sporty and trendy. This makes it the perfect tone for athleisure and loungewear, as well as casual-chic looks and accessories. The freshness of the tone is also perfect for interior design and technical accessories. 

We live in a digital age where we can curate and express our identities ourselves on platforms—a world where our online personality is just as important as our real personality, if not more. In color psychology, aquamarine represents open communication, emotional balance, and stability. Especially in uncertain times, it is these three factors that we need and seek more than ever. It is precisely the digital world that drives open discussion and, for some provides refuge, and certain stability, in the virtual personality. Whether this is a positive thing for our real emotions and the analog world's happenings remain debatable. But it is clear that the color A.I. Aqua will accompany us this year not only as a trend color but also as a stimulus to fully exploit the digital world's potentials, as a hope for stability, and as a starting point for an emotional balance.

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